What is the Accruals Wizard?

The Accruals Wizard is used to set up your accrual configuration for a leave type such as Vacation or Sick Time.

There are two ways to get into the Accurals Wizard.

1) Select an unconfigured Leave Type from the Job Overview screen.

2) While editing a Job, click on a Leave Type

The wizard will guide you through setting up your time off category.

1) Select how much time you are allocated

2) Select how often you accrue time

3) Select how much time you have to roll over from the previous year

The following steps are only available if you have enabled the Advanced Accruals by signing up for the Time Off Newsletter from the app

4) Select how your accrued time can be used

5) Select if you can or cannot rollover time to the following year

6) If you can rollover time, select how much you can rollover

7) Configure if you do or don't have a maximum amount of time you can rollover

8) Select whether your rollover time expires or not

Once you have completed the wizard, your leave type is configured and you can now start requesting Time Off!

Thank you