Bulk Import Process

If your company has 40+ employees, you may qualify for FREE bulk import services.

Please email support@timeoffcloud.com to get started.

Import Prerequisites...

A) The "Leave Types" list (Vacation, Sick, etc) must be complete.

B) The "Leave Programs" (policies which will be applied to employees) must be properly configured.

C) You should test the Manager and Employee functionality to make sure that it is all working as you expect.

Import Process...

1) Complete the prerequisites (above).

2) Once those prerequisites are met, email support@timeoffcloud.com. We will then provide you with a spreadsheet for data entry.

3) When we receive the spreadsheet, we will finish building out your Org Chart and import the Employees for you. We will probably have questions along the way and will add these questions to the ticket.

4) (optional) If your employees have Rollover from the previous year, we will need the amount rolled over from the previous year for each employee (matching the leave types). We can provide a spreadsheet for this also.

5) (optional) If your employees have taken Time Off this year, we will ask for a list of Time Off entries for each employee OR the amount of days/hours they have taken off this year so far.

We look forward to working with you.